contactless power for LED lighting

Welcome to the Future of LED Lighting
An Award Winning way of powering and controlling LED lighting

By choosing an Isotera solution you will then be changing the way you think about LED lighting.

We fully understand the challenges and obstacles of maintaining and servicing a fitted system, however large or small, which is why we have designed a highly flexible, energy efficient and safe system that allows you to easily access the system and safely make changes in a LIVE environment without the need for a qualified electrician. You can easily configure and reconfigure your system to cope with the ever-changing demands of your environment. And through a more sustainable, reliable, and cost effective system it is designed to make your life simpler and save you or your customer both valuable time and money.

Isotera are empowering Facility Managers and property owners across a variety of industries with a new way of thinking that is changing the face of LED lighting maintenance and servicing. Life as you know it will never be the same again!

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Isotera iHub

Facility Managers

The benefits accrued to Facility Managers by the Isotera system stem from safety, reliability and flexibility. Combining these elements alongside reduced lifecycle costs make Isotera an ideal solution for either newbuild or retrofit projects.

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benefits to your industry

Reconfigure as you wish

Depending upon the type of facility you manage reconfiguration and adaptability of systems may be an important consideration. The Isotera system is quick and easy to reconfigure with LED lighting fixtures simply unclipped and clipped back onto the iBus cable without cutting into the cable. The same applies to the controls, which are all plug & play. Changes can be made while the system is live, reducing down-time of your operation.The system is wholly reusable and can be repositioned and reused as needed, extending the return on your investment and considerably reducing life cycle costs.

Reduced maintenance

In the Isotera system the weakest link of traditional LED lighting systems (the LED driver) has been eliminated. All parts of the system are galvanically isolated from mains power and operate in the protected environment behind the Power Hub. In the unlikely event of the Power Hub needing to be replaced you have the comfort of knowing that it is in an easily accessible space and can be replaced in less than 1 minute without the need to turn off the mains.

Taking sustainability to another level

When compared to the conventional installation of LED lighting systems, the Isotera system is superior on many levels. When you consider the reduced amount of material required, virtually no material waste, the improved efficiency of the system itself and the reusability of most components, you have a system that delivers at every level. Not only does the system offer sustainable benefits, it also reduces lifecycle costs across the board.

Future proof

When you come to upgrade or adapt your lighting system Isotera will still deliver what you need. Expanding the capacity of the system, adding more control functionality and adapting to different drive currents (of next generation LEDs) is all quick and easy with a minimum of expense. This will ensure that your system will still be delivering savings into the future.

Safety first

The Isotera system is inherently safe, using Intermediate Frequency AC (IFAC). Combined with contactless couplers and no piercing or cutting of cable the system is first for safety. This means that maintenance or reconfiguration work, either on the system or around the system, will be safe to carry out.