contactless power for LED lighting

iPower range

A better way of installing LED lighting and controls. Eliminating the most expensive and weakest links.

The patented Isotera system provides the complete backbone for intelligent LED lighting, providing power conversion and distribution as well as lighting controls for large numbers of LED fixtures.

It replaces conventional LED drivers (weakest link), as well as modular wiring (expensive link), making it a more reliable and less costly installation system. Without the need for integrated drivers and modular wiring extensions, the system is versatile and cost-effective.

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The iHub is the heart of the Isotera system and provides centralised power conversion for a large number of LED lighting fixtures. The iHub generates a 50kHz AC constant current that is distributed over a single uninterrupted twisted pair cable called the iBus. The cool-running iHub combines very high efficiency with superior reliability and durability.

Wiring in of the iHub is made fast and secure with latching input and output connectors. Mains voltage stops at the input port of the iHub. The rest of the network runs on ultrasafe constant current further enhanced by the iHub’s intelligent fault monitoring and response features. The iHub can be mounted away from the LED fixtures in an easily accessible place.

Download the iHub datasheet


The iBus is a double-insulated twisted pair cable carrying power from the iHub to a multitude of LED fixtures. It comes with a preassembled plug that fits into the output socket on the iHub.

An Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) is supplied with the iBus cable, which is attached to the end of the cable once it is cut to the required length. No screw terminals, no strain relieves.

Download the iBus datasheet


The iClip is a smart connector which transfers power from the iBus to LED fixtures by induction. It is connected onto the iBus and extracts power from the iBus without piercing the insulation, hence the reference to contactless power or inductive coupling.

The iClip converts power into a DC current attuned to the requirements of the LED fixture.

Download the iClip datasheet


iEscape is a universal remote LED emergency supply unit for LED lighting running on contactless power. iEscape works in conjunction with a large variety of standard LED fixtures and turns them into self-contained maintained emergency fixtures.

The iEscape device (battery charger/monitor and current regulator) comes with an integral status indicator and is supplied with a suitably rated battery pack.

Download the iEscape datasheet

Controls range

A better way of controlling LED lighting. Low cost, amazingly simple with high functionality

Typically high levels of flexibility and functionality across multiple lighting groups require a fully addressable lighting management system which can be very expensive and requires specialist maintenance.

Conversely, solutions that are simple, easy to design, install and maintain such as stand-alone solutions have limited functionality or flexibility and can be more costly to install due to mains cabling and product diversity.

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Multifunctional plug and play sensor that can control presence detection to turn lights on when occupancy is detected and off when no occupancy is detected for a programmable period of time.

Absence detection If no occupancy is detected for a programmable time period, lights will turn off automatically and Maintained luminance If day light is present specific groups of lights will dim automatically to maintain the designed lighting level.

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The iSmooth is a Interface module that can be connected to any switch plate you wish converting it into a high quality 0-10V dimmer switch.

The Interface Module converts biased switches from all switch gear suppliers into high quality 0-10v control devices. This gives customers complete freedom in the choice of look and feel of the switch plate with compatibility with the Isotera system and smooth dimming down to 3%.

Download the iSmooth datasheet


The iDirect is a general purpose control interface. It works with all other Isotera devices and expands the features offered by the iSense (Multi Sensor). It is a multifunction device providing creation and isolation of functional zones, implantation of manual dimming and ON/OFF control and can control the iHub (Power Supply).

Datasheet coming soon