contactless power for LED lighting

Isotera iPower system has been awarded the Innovative Power Product of the Year at the Electrical Times Awards

iPower provides a means to utilise LED lighting fixtures rather than fluorescents without incurring the traditional increase in capital expenditure – hence a ‘zero payback time for LED’. This is achieved by reducing installation costs sufficiently to compensate for the increased outlay for LED.

Cost savings and other benefits of iPower are derived from its unique power system architecture. Mains power is converted by the iHub (central power supply) into an Intermediate Frequency AC constant current. This current is fed to the iBus (an uninterrupted bus pair). The iBus cable can be any required length with no voltage drop issues, there are no polarity implications and it carries no risk of electric shock. Standard driverless LED fixtures are connected to the iBus via the iClip (inductive couplers) which do not breach or pierce the insulation of the iBus, removing the necessity to wire from point to point and electrically connect conductors. Connecting a fixture literally takes seconds!

Each driverless fixture can be dimmed independently to ca. 2% via a simple 0-10V connection. Both simple and advanced control configurations can be achieved using either 3rd party control inputs or the Isotera iCon control solution.

iPower also incorporates iEscape, an advanced and innovative emergency lighting solution, which is connected via induction to the iBus, and converts any LED fixture on the iBus network to an emergency fixture.

Traditional methods of powering LEDs used old conventions, converting a constant voltage mains supply to a constant current DC supply. This means either each LED fixture has its own driver requiring expensive mains protection, or a shared driver, which is limited to a DC output of one specific drive current and suffers the drawback of a series connection.

By centralising the power conversion only one point of mains protection is required for all of the fixtures on the iBus network, which results in the highest quality, lowest cost mains protection. Voltage drop and cable size problems are a thing of the past.

By using iClip not only does the iBus system remove the need for electrical connections but also provides the ability for LED fixtures with a mix of drive currents and wattages to be installed on the same iBus. Added to this is the functionality to control each LED fixture independently providing an unrivalled level of simplicity, flexibility, speed of installation and affordability.

The iPower architecture facilitates the use of LEDs with a positive ROI from day one. This architecture also enables market-leading levels of efficiency and reliability without the traditional financial penalty.

The iPower system was developed by Isotera to deliver the promise of LED and with the first production units supplied and installed and a network of partners established both in UK and Europe iPower is on its way to the aim of revolutionising the LED market. Isotera expects the commercial payback of the system to be to the end users and installers that benefit from being able to gain the advantages of LED over traditional routes without the additional costs.

Isotera iPower system
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