contactless power for LED lighting

Welcome to the Future of LED Lighting
An Award Winning way of powering and controlling LED lighting

By choosing an Isotera solution you will then be changing the way you think about LED lighting.

We fully understand the challenges and obstacles of the installation process whether this is a large scale hospitality or leisure project with multiple fittings across a variety of locations or a residential project, hospital, retail outlet or even a cruise ship!, which is why we have designed a system that is up to 70% quicker to install, that has no mains power to fixtures through a contactless power transfer, and as well as being up to 15% more energy efficient it ultimately offers you a flexible, safe and highly cost effective alternative to traditional mains lighting that will save both you and your customer both valuable time and money.

Isotera are empowering installers and contractors across a variety of industries with a new way of thinking that is changing the face of LED lighting installation. Life as you know it will never be the same again!

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Electrical Contractors

The Isotera system has been designed to simplify the installation of LED lighting systems, reducing complexity and cost whilst improving time and cost efficiencies and flexibility.

Through the use of contactless power the Isotera system removes many of the headaches associated with LED lighting installation, whilst also considerably reducing time on site.

It not only makes working safer and more flexible, it also reduces the need to stock an array of components due to its modularity.

This is the most flexible and simple yet most versatile system available and is set to change the way that LED lighting is installed.

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benefits to your industry

Faster than conventional wiring

The Isotera system can be installed in less time than modular wiring systems but without the need for pairing cables and the expense associated with modular wiring components. The flexibility of fixture connection means that there is no need for lengthy planning and measuring of circuits and leads. You can simply lay the iBus cable and clip on the iCouplers where you need LED fixtures. Complete your installation at a fraction of the cost, with greater safety and reliability and with considerably less waste.

Simple to install

All the components in the Isotera system simply clip together, making this one of the simplest installation systems you will find. iCouplers can be fitted and removed whilst the system is live providing instant feedback to the installer. There is no polarity in the cable so connecting iCouplers is very easy. Gone are the days of costly mistakes – with Isotera you can’t go wrong, eliminating the risk of unforeseen costs.

Safety first

The inherent safety of Intermediate Frequency AC (IFAC) constant current makes the Isotera system the safest way of fitting LED lightingOnce mains power is converted by the Power Hub, the system is live but safe to touch. With no piercing or cutting of the cable required you can be safe in the knowledge that your team are safe on the job with Isotera. Safety features have been built into the Power Hub including an auto-off function if the iBus cable is cut and fault indicators to advise of any issues.

Total flexibility

As there is no piercing or cutting of the iBus cable iCouplers are simply clipped and unclipped allowing you to position LED fixtures anywhere on the cable. If you connect it in the wrong place just unclip it and move it to where it needs to be. Last minute design changes are no longer a problem with this completely reconfigurable system.

Reliability - fit and forget

The last thing you need is being called back to replace a blown driver or faulty circuit. With Isotera reliability is taken to a new level. With no need for potentially unreliable drivers you can position the Power Hub away from LED heat sources that may cause over-heating problems. The ultra-efficient Power Hub runs very cool and the robustness of its components means that you can rely upon the Isotera system to continue to deliver.

Simple intuitive controls

The Controls system enables you to install a variety of control configurations with only three control modules. Simple connections, using standard telephone cable, and no mains power required, allows you to safely install, configure and reconfigure controls without commissioning.