contactless power for LED lighting

The Isotera system is based on ‘Contactless Power’ technology that removes the need for individual drivers and makes connecting LED fixtures as easy as clipping clothes pegs onto a clothes line.

iPower range


All heavy-duty power processing takes place in the cool-running Power Hub, which can be located in an easily accessible place (e.g. a riser) away from the LED fixtures. Mains power stops here! View iHub in more detail >


Processed power is distributed over the iBus to a large number of LED fixtures. As it is an uninterrupted and double-insulated cable, no further containment is needed. View iBus in more detail >


Draws power from the iBus without piercing the cable insulation and converts it into a DC current attuned to what the LED fixture needs. The iClip can be attached anywhere on the iBus. This compact device is highly efficient and robust, guaranteeing many years of problem-free operation. View iClip in more detail >


Self-contained emergency lighting provision with no mains wiring. The iEscape module simply clips onto the iBus for contactless charging of the battery. This means that there is no requirement for dedicated mains wiring for emergency lighting. In essence every LED fixture can act as emergency lighting. View iEscape in more detail >

  • iHub
  • iBus
  • iClip
  • iEscape


Multifunctional plug and play sensor that can control presence detection to turn lights on when occupancy is detected and off when no occupancy is detected for a programmable period of time. View iSense in more detail >


The iSmooth is a Interface module that can be connected to any switch plate you wish converting it into a high quality 0-10V dimmer switch. View iSmooth in more detail >


The iDirect is a general purpose control interface. It works with all other Isotera devices and expands the features offered by the iSense (Multi Sensor). View iDirect in more detail >

  • iSense
  • iSmooth
  • iDirect

Seeing is believing... Choose one of the videos below and see for yourself

Isotera Overview

30 Second – Eng

Instructional Video

simplicity does it...

The system provides a very different approach to configuring and installing LED lighting when compared to conventional installations that are based on mains powered LED driver modules.

With the iPower system the installation of LED fixtures is simple, fast and economical. The contactless power transfer from the iBus to the iClip eliminates cutting and stripping of wire or the use of modular wiring… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3...

simplicity stage 1

Take the iBus and open out the twist of the cable where you want to position the iClip.

simplicity stage 2

Slide the black slider on the iClip sideways. Push one of the iBus wires into the channel.

simplicity stage 3

Slide the black slider in the opposite direction and push the other iBus wire into the channel.

  • quick
  • flexible
  • reliable
  • simple
  • safe
  • sustainable

Faster installation, in a fraction of the time

No tools required

No screw terminals

Single uninterrupted cable

No separate mains wiring of sensors

No need for containment

Less project planning & configuration management

Flexible and reconfigurable system

Contactless power transfer, no piercing of cable insulation

iClip can be clipped and unclipped from iBus as required

iBus cable is easily extended

Any combination of LED fixtures can be run on the same iBus

Works with LED lighting fixtures from all brands

Works with switch plates from all brands

Control configuration/functionality easily changed by unplugging control cables, even while system is live

Last-minute design changes can be made without delay

Control wiring independent of power network

Emergency Power Module suitable for all LED fixtures

Power Hub can be swapped out in less than one minute without turning off the mains

Highly durable and reliable

Weakest link (LED-driver) eliminated

Cooler running system due to high efficiency and distance of components from heat of LEDs

Higher rated components in Power Hub

All system components operate in closed & well-protected environment behind Power Hub

Fewer components and fewer junctions in the system

Simple & Easy

A single standard cable of arbitrary length for an entire lighting circuit

No voltage drop over length of the iBus

Polarity mistakes ruled out

No need for pre-set lead lengths

Much less project planning and configuration management

Control modules simply plugged into nearest iCoupler with standard control cable

No need for Lighting Control Modules

No need for commissioning

No need for Power Hub to be close to LED fixtures

Ultra safe installation and operation

Contactless power transfer, no exposed conductor

Single double-insulated cable without junctions

No mains power to fixtures, Emergency Power Modules or sensors

IFAC is many times safer than 50Hz AC or DC


Longer product life, less electronic waste

Less material in system

System modules are reusable, time and time again

Ultra-low stand-by power of iSense