contactless power for LED lighting

Welcome to the Future of LED Lighting
An Award Winning way of powering and controlling LED lighting

By choosing an Isotera solution you will then be changing the way you think about LED lighting.

We fully understand the challenges and obstacles of the design process whether this is a new build residential project or a large scale retail commercial project, which is why we have designed a system that is up to 70% quicker to install, has no mains power to fixtures through a contactless power transfer, and is up to 15% more energy efficient.

Our system ultimately also offers you a flexible, safe and highly cost effective alternative to traditional mains lighting that will save your customer valuable time and money. Isotera are empowering designers and architects across a variety of industries with a new way of thinking that is changing the face of LED lighting. Life as you know it will never be the same again!

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M&E Consultants

The Isotera system offers M&E Engineering Consultants the flexibility, reliability and safety they require when specifying or designing an LED lighting system.

The aim of our system is to make the design, configuration and installation of LED lighting a simple and safe process, removing many of the obstacles and inflexibilities of conventional systems.

The system can be installed in full compliance with BS7671 and meets all relevant product standards. The iBus cable is Low Smoke Zero Halogen, eliminating yet another variable to worry about.

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benefits to your industry

Reliability - fit and forget

The last thing you need is being called back to replace a blown driver or faulty circuit. With Isotera reliability is taken to a new level. With no need for potentially unreliable drivers you can position the Power Hub away from LED heat sources that may cause over-heating problems. The ultra-efficient Power Hub runs very cool and the robustness of its components means that you can rely upon the Isotera system to continue to deliver.

Taking sustainability to another level

When compared to the conventional installation of LED lighting systems, the Isotera system is superior on many levels. When you consider the reduced amount of material required, virtually no material waste, the improved efficiency of the system itself and the reusability of most components, you have a system that delivers at every level. Not only does the system offer sustainable benefits, it also reduces lifecycle costs across the board.

Reliable beyond question

Robust and durable components combined with the elimination of what is usually the weakest link of an LED lighting system, the LED-driver, makes this the most reliable system available. All parts of the system are galvanically isolated from mains power and operate in the protected environment behind the Power Hub. This all keeps the life-cycle costs of your customer down.

Safety first

The Isotera system is inherently safe, using Intermediate Frequency AC (IFAC). Combined with contactless couplers and no piercing or cutting of cable the system is first for safety.

Flexibility of design

With Isotera the power network and control system are 2 independent variables as iCouplers don’t have to be on one and the same power network to be controlled as a group. This allows you to design the optimal layout of the power system without having to worry about controls. This also applies to the installation stage, at which the power system can be installed at first fix while the control system layout hasn’t been designed yet. Once designed, the control system can be plugged in at a later date while the lighting is already working.
Controls range works without Lighting Control Modules, you can group together as many control devices as you like, spread over considerable distances. Any design changes can be simply made as the system is easily reconfigurable.