contactless power for LED lighting

Isotera is a rapidly growing company, operating in the Lighting/Building Services sector.

Using our ground breaking power network technology, we have developed a Power and Control system for LED lighting that is industry leading in reliability, cost-effectiveness and speed to design, configure and install.

Founded by leading experts in power electronics, LED technology and lighting controls, our technology is perceived as one of the most significant innovations in energy-efficient lighting of the last 10 years, offering compelling benefits to specifiers, installers and end-users.

It is a seamless all-in-one Power & Control system and the first of its kind developed with LED light sources as the starting point.

It features highly efficient contactless power transfer allowing virtually tool-free installation.

At Isotera our philosophy is that installing low energy lighting systems should be as simple and as fun as LEGO®

Simple means speed, simple means no mistakes, simple means no waste, simple means affordable costs. That is what will make people buy and install low energy lighting systems, and we are committed to making that happen.

Of course Isotera is not only about simplicity. Using our ground-breaking power network technology we have developed a system that is more reliable, more cost-effective and quicker to design and install than conventional LED lighting systems.


We are committed to making a noticeable contribution to the reduction of the world's Green House Gas emissions.

We are excited about the prospect of a world better illuminated whilst causing a fraction of the co2 emissions. LEDs and intelligent controls are the obvious way to achieve this. But we believe that current systems and installation methods are too costly, too complicated and not sustainable enough. And that slows down the adoption of these systems.